Building and construction are the foundations of Tara Homes and we pride ourselves on providing tailored project management services to satifsy our clients needs. We provide construction and project management for all types of projects beginning with home renovations up to larger scale new build developments.  We have an in-house team that work to achieve high quality results. 

Why Choose Us?  

  • Trust, Integrity & Honesty – Tara Homes has over 30+ years of construction knowledge & experience under its belt. The brand is extremely credible, reliable and clients can be sure that they will receive high quality, long lasting results along with a timely delivery. 

  • Customer Focused – We listen to what our customers want and delivery. We add an iconic Tara Homes Finish to provide modern, sophisticated designs that will last for years to come.

  • Exceeding Expectations –  We have a proven track reckon in client satisfaction and go above and beyond for every project, no matter the scale of it. We treat every home as if it were our own and we don’t cut corners! We provide design, quality & longevity.

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Tara Homes has recently expanded into interior design and now offer these services for new builds, property renovations and places of leisure including restaurants. Designing and decorating spaces can be overwhelming - Our in house design team aims to make it a hassle-free enjoyable experience for you.

If you have a vision but need some help bringing it to life, our Interior Design Service is exactly what you need. We will work with you every step of the way, creating vision boards, sourcing materials and creating a unique space for you to enjoy. 



We offer a CGI Service where we create realistic 3D visual representations of interiors and exteriors of developments properties to help your prospective buyers visualise what the property will look like. 

Visual communication will always be more powerful than text and more so in Property marketing. We provide beautiful, high quality CGIs so you can share your vision with your clients.

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Tara Homes also helps with the acquiring a property. We source land with huge potential both off and on the market. 

We have a dedicated team who are actively seeking potential development opportunities throughout the year both for Tara Homes & other construction companies.

If you have a potential site, please call us to discuss the possibility of development.




Construction & Acquisitions 

Interior Design & CGI

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